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What is Kratom?

Mitragyna speciosa or commonly called kratom, kratum, or krathom is a tropical deciduous and evergreen tree in the coffee family (Rubiaceae) and native to Southeast Asia and Indochina. Kratom helps ease pain without making you groggy, giving you a hangover or destroying your sociability. It can help with mental alertness, concentration, depression,opiate withdrawal  and anxiety. When the trees are grown in different regions, the alkaloids change. Some are more sedative than others, and some are better for synthetic opiate withdrawal. Also when taken in small doses the effects are stimulating, in higher doses the effects change and become more concentrated and more sedative. Some clinical studies have been done for example: by Dr Christopher McCurdy https://youtu.be/ypK-cvIpvcs and http://drtomobrien.ie/ https://doi.org/10.1016/j.brainresbull.2016.03.015

Kratom is not a drug, an opiate or a synthetic substance. It is a naturally occurring plant medicine. 
American Kratom Association.

Our product and our service to you:  We have the best product specialist, he is native to Indonesia.  His family has been in the business for generations, they grow Maeng Da and source additional strains of the highest quality from a multitude of farmers throughout Southeast Asia that adhere to sustainable farming practices.  Various farms specialize in certain strains and we find the best producer for each strain.  KratombyNature supports small local farmers to help protect against the over zealous palm oil industry that harms the environment. It is a well-known fact the kratom leaves are most active just before the leaves fall off the mature trees on their own naturally, harvesting for KratombyNature takes place late summer to autumn and even as late as early winter for the best kratom with the strongest alkaloids. We are small niche company offering only the finest pure uncut Kratom. We never overstock inventory, no product is beyond its expiry date and dehydration is done indoors, using low heat causes the least amount of nutritional loss. We never mix strains or make up frivolous names for made up strains.   

Kratom from the east to the western frontier to you.

Historically since its inception, Nevada has taken on controversial business’s, leading the way towards a positive green future protecting your American rights and freedoms.  We are open 24 hours and ship your order the same day Monday thru Friday. Our customers experience with USPS in Las Vegas has been super fast and efficient. We are able to offer you great prices on account that Las Vegas is still affordable for small businesses. We also focus on other ways to keep our cost down, for example our packaging is simplistic, keeping our overhead low translates lower cost to you.

#note We are relocating because will love this business and we want to serve you all in the future without always have to worry about big pharma in government taking yours and our medical freedoms away. We will serve you from up north until we know for sure that it will not be banned! Thank you everyone!

Caution: Always consult your health practitioner before use, very important. We never offer medical advice. Keep reach out of children. KratombyNatures social media platforms aim is to give you the best information that is unbiased, the most scientific and up to date. We support your medical freedoms in the age of information. The FDA has recently issued advisory.