Red Maeng Da Kratom


Our Red Maeng Da kratom notes of aroma essence is of black pepper and tropical fruits.


Red Maeng Da Kratom

Red Maeng Da Kratom powder/ Overnight & free shipping options.  For the strongest alkaloids Kratom leaves are most active just before falling off mature trees on their own. Harvesting takes place Southeast Asia late summer to autumn. We never mix our fresh Kratom strains, substitute or make up frivolous names for made up strains. Our sourced Kratom is farm fresh organic, uncut pure Kratom and dried correctly:therefore, protecting the alkaloids ensures the best Kratom.  Red Maeng Da is stimulating and energizing with pain killing effects. This strain has a long history, native to Thailand but now grown and cultivated through out Southeast Asia. People in the west are have great success using Kratom for pain relief, opiate withdrawal and depression. The leaves are dark green and smell fresh. Red Maeng Da is very popular because it contains a good balance of flavonoids and alkaloids. Farmers are mastering growing this amazing strain. it is becoming very popular in the west. Customers tells us time and time again how Kratom has saved their life.

Red Maeng Da Kratom

Red Maeng Da tastes great in recipes and teas. Try citrus to cut the bitterness out of the Kratom. Berries and tropical fruits like passion fruit are divine. Mix Red Maeng Da in a blender with fruits of your choice and quality water. Check out this cookbook, Share with us if you have a recipes that you think are fantastic, we would love to know!

Try Kratombynatures fresh kratom sample collection, Red Sumatra, Red Bali, Yellow Sumatra, White Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da and Green Malay. If you want to switch and try something else, just let us know in order notes. So for example, if you rather try Red Borneo as opposed to Red Bali, just let us know 


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